Do your feet hurt during working all day and looking for a permanent solution? Using perfect boot insoles for your shoes will make your feet at ease while providing comfort during work.

Besides providing comfort, the insoles are useful for the durability of the boots. Moreover, it prevents odor, absorbs shocks, and keeps the interior dry and free from sweat. We have reviewed the best boot insoles that can make your day productive at your worksite.

Also, it will prevent many disorders caused only by wearing discomfort shoes. Go through the guide and choose the one that best suits you and your job nature.

Why are Boot Insoles so Important?

Standing all day during work may affect your feet badly that can cause a lot of aches like heel pain and plantar fasciitis.

That in result will affect your job performance as well. So, you have to be comfortable with your boots during work to avoid any pain and perform better. This is only done using the right boot insoles that provide maximum comfort and stability to the heel and arch.

In addition, it helps your boots to last longer than usual and prevents smells, which mainly occurs due to all-day wearing boots.

Insoles are also essential to avoid many disorders, and to heel already causes disorders such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, shin splint, joint pain, and fatigue.

1. Superfeet Green Boot Insoles


  • Provides comfort.
  • Offers maximum support.
  • More Stability.
  • Perfect Fitting.
  • Absorbs Shocks.


  • Cutting is needed for perfect fitting.

Superfeet GREEN boot insoles are entirely manmade insoles for all boots, either work boots for office or hiking boots for outdoor.

What makes these insoles different from others is the high-density foam used in their construction. As the density of foam increases, it enhances the comfort level as well. The soles come extra in size, so you can cut the additional part for perfect fitting.

Otherwise, you may waste the insoles if their size is even a few centimeters less than your boot size. When the insole covers the entire interior of the boot, it will make your whole feet more comfortable.

On the bottom side of the insole, there are stabilizer caps fitted. The purpose of these caps is to make the insole stable by sticking with the boot, so it won’t come off while walking or running.

On the heel part, the insole is curvier and deeper to provide stability and ease. This design is perfect for wearers with shapely feet. Moreover, it absorbs the shocks while giving the maximum support you need at work.

The insole’s closed part is equipped with a high-density foam layer for better support and relaxation at the front side of the feet. It reduces stress on knees, ankles, and feet to provide the stability that the wearer needs.

The versatile insoles are perfect for work boots, hiking, snowboarding, and other all-day standing boots.

2. Powerstep Full Length Orthotic Boot Insoles


  • Podiatrists Recommended.
  • Prevents pain and fatigue.
  • Polyester fabric controls odor.
  • Provides maximum comfort.
  • EVA foam absorbs shocks.


  • Lacks customer support.

Powerstep orthotic boot insoles are made with polyester, which is fully anti-microbial and manufactured in the USA. The full length provides complete support you need at work either for all-day standing, walking, or running.

It covers the entire interior to give consent to the whole feet. In addition, the arc is supportive enough to keep the feet comfortable. The stability is increased using a deep heel cradle beside high-density foam layers.

It does not matter if you have curvy or flat feet; its arch supports low, neutral, and high arches. The insoles are equipped with VCT (Variable Cushioning Technology) and a durable EVA foam that offers quality support, comfort, and flexibility for every work nature.

The dense EVA foam used absorbs shocks to keep the feet stable caused by running on rough surfaces. The polyester fabric used keeps the interior dry by preventing friction and keeping the feet stable in boots.

The insoles will prevent swelling, fatigue, and plantar fasciitis by providing the comfort you need. That is why these insoles are highly recommended by podiatrists. Its versatile nature fits every boot, such as work boots, hiking boots, and snowboarding boots.

3. Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole


  • Prevents Fatigue.
  • Provides ultimate comfort.
  • Attractive design.
  • Durable.
  • Perfect fitting.


  • Not preferred for flat feet.

Timberland PRO Men’s boot insoles are manufactured by using anti-fatigue technology that prevents fatigue and pain. The insole is upgraded to provide a better performance, support, and comfort.

In addition, the technology used absorbs shocks caused by running over rough surfaces such as terrain and mountains. The same shocks are returned to the feet as the energy that keeps the user active and comfortable all day.

These insoles are fully compatible with steel toe boots, soft toe shoes, and other work boots. Besides providing ultimate comfort and protection to the feet, the insoles are highly durable and will last for years.

Its attractive design delivers both comfort and style to meet the requirements for casual boots. It is perfect for those workers who have to stand all day or walk miles at work, such as construction sites.

Its high-density foam provides comfort that meets every work boots’ requirements. That’s why neither your ankles will cause pain, nor your heel will bruise. When compared with other standard insoles, there was clearly a difference in the quality and thickness.

You can easily fit the insoles by only trimming, and it will not take more than three minutes to install.

4. PCSsole Comfort Orthotic Insoles


  • Relieve heel pain.
  • Durable EVA material used.
  • Equipped with an extra cushioning gel pad.
  • Alleviate forefoot pain.
  • Perfect design.


  • No trim is needed, so you have to buy the perfect size.

PCSole comfort orthotic insoles relieve heel pain such as plantar fasciitis, heel spur, fallen arches, and mind flat feet. Besides relieving heel pain, it heels arch pain as well by distributing pressure on heels.

Its medium arch support provides a supportive feel and soft effects on the feet. In addition, its metatarsal pad alleviates forefoot pain. The insoles are equipped with extra cushioning gel pads that absorb shocks to relieve pain and provide extra comfort.

Its non-slip design will not let the insole come off while you are running or walking. Moreover, the breathable fabric used in its construction keeps the interior dry and prevents sweat.

Its design perfectly fits all kinds of work boots, including hiking boots, sports shoes, outdoor footwear, and dress shoes. In addition to comfort, the insoles are highly durable with EVA material used in the manufacturing.

The insoles are durable enough to last more than a year. Overall, the boot is perfect for the elderly who have heel pain from heel spurs.

5. KEEN Utility Keen Men’s K-20 Insole


  • Thick Cushioning.
  • Provides heel stability.
  • Cleansport NXT eliminate odor.
  • 90 days warranty.
  • Durable foam.


  • Some users find a tight fit.

KEEN Utility Keen Men’s K-20 Insoles feature premium thick cushioning that is thick enough to absorb shocks and return the same energy to feet.

The insole cushions the entire feet without compression. In addition, it provides heel stability with its heel cups that align heel and foot by enhancing the heel and foot alignment.

It makes the entire body’s alignment body better while keeping the body straight and firm. Moreover, the insoles Cleansport NXT technology which breaks down the odor in the sweat by producing enzymes.

It keeps the interior odor-free and will not make you uncomfortable at work because of the smell. KEEN Utility satisfies the customers by providing 90 days of comfort and quality of insoles.

The insoles are designed to fit perfectly, but for better fitting, you can trim them accordingly. Unlike other insoles, these are thicker in size that provides better cushioning, and keeps the feet at ease.

6. Dr. Scholl’s Work Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles


  • Easy Installation.
  • Provides 10% more movement.
  • Superior comfort.
  • Fits all boots.
  • Keeps you energized.


  • Not for plantar fasciitis problem.

Dr. Scholl’s Work Massaging Gel Insoles are specifically manufactured to protect the worker’s feet who work at rough and hard surfaces all day that causes leg pain and fatigue.

The insoles are equipped with extra cushioning and massage gel technology to keep you energized by absorbing shocks and returning the energy. The technology reduces leg fatigue to make your day more productive.

The workers who work all day on their feet are benefited from its superior comfort. The insoles are designed for all types of boots, including work boots, shoes, sports footwear, casual shoes, and sneakers.

The company claims they provide 10% more movement with massaging advanced gel insoles. These are easy to install, all you have to do is remove the already installed insoles, put them in, trim correctly, and you are all set.

7. Easyfeet Shoes Insoles for Men Women Work Boots


  • Relieves heel pain.
  • Durable.
  • Provides stability.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Anti-odor.


  • Some users with a high arch do not find it suitable.

Most of the workers who work in construction areas have to stand on concrete, which causes heel pain. In this situation, Easyfeet boot insoles rescue workers by providing superior comfort and relieving heel pain.

The shocks caused by walking on concrete are absorbed by the insole while returning the energy to keep the wearer active throughout the day. Moreover, the insole supports the arch and relieves the heel from pain such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, shin splint, joint pain, and fatigue.

Besides hurting heels only, standing long days during work may cause other problems such as hurting back, legs, knees, and lower back. The thickness of these insoles bounces on the rough surfaces providing comfort to the users and abiding all fatigue caused by long day standing.

The insoles are ideal for work boots, hiking shoes, athletic shoes, tennis shoes, and other long arch boots. It is equipped with CoolMax breathable fabric, which prevents odor by absorbing sweat caused due to heavy work.

These insoles last more than a regular insole because of EVA foam used in their construction. They have a U-shaped heel cup and arch support that enhances the feet’ safety and stability while making every step firm on the ground.

What to Consider Before Buying Insoles?

If you are buying insoles for your boots for the first time, it is important to know about them. There are many things to look into insoles before buying them, which will make your buying experience better, and in the end, you will get what you actually wanted.

Furthermore, you will not be scammed with the wrong pair of insoles, and the whole experience will not be a waste of money. We have considered some qualities that every best boot insole must possess to provide what customers want.

Look for those features, and you will end up with the best boot insoles.

Comfort and support

The primary purpose of buying insoles is to enhance the comfort level of boots already delivering. Besides providing comfort to the feet, it is essential to support the arch and heels, which will prevent many conditions such as plantar fasciitis and heel pain. So, the best insoles should provide comfort and support to the heel and ankles.

Shock Absorbing

Most of the time, the workers have to work on hard and rough surfaces such as concrete and other construction sites. In these conditions, there is a lot of pressure on the feet on every step, which may cause pain to the heel and lower leg.

Soo, the best insoles should absorb the shocks and return the energy to the feet to keep the worker energetic.


During heavy work and exercise, there is a lot of sweat inside the boots, making the wearer uncomfortable. Sweat leads to an awful smell inside the boot, which will make everyone uncomfortable at work.

So, the perfect pair of insoles are equipped with breathable fabric that absorbs sweat, keeps the interior cool and dry, and eliminates the odor.


You cannot change insoles after every two or three months as they are costly. So, your insoles have to be stable to last more than a year; that is enough period for any perfect insoles. Durable insoles are equipped with EVA foam, which lasts longer than a regular insole.

When to Change the Insoles?

Most of the durable insoles can last more than a year without peeling or breaking. But you should not wait for the insoles to break to change.

If your insole starts smelling bad and does not absorb the sweat, change it right away. Moreover, if it does not provide you the same comfort when you bought it, you should change it.

You can also change the insoles if you think they have survived enough to compensate for your invested money. Otherwise, most insoles require replacement after every six months that is quite a suitable time.

How to Insert Boot Insoles?

Installing a pair of insoles is not complicated and does not require any expert either. All you have to do is remove the already installed insoles from the boots and put the new one inside the shoes.

Some insoles are bought perfectly according to the boot size, but some come in extra size. The large insoles are trim to fit, and after putting them inside the boot, you have to trim the additional part.

Trim them precisely for better fitting and make sure it covers the entire interior for perfect fitting.


What are the best boot insoles for being on your feet all day?

Dr. Scholl’s Work Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles are the best for standing all day on your feet at work.

They are equipped with durable EVA foam and high-density layers of foam that keep the user firm on the ground while providing comfort to the feet and support to the arch and lower leg.

Moreover, it eliminates the odor inside the boots with its breathable EVA foam, which absorbs sweat.

Can you put any insoles in boots?

Yes, you can put any insoles in the boots if the size is perfect. Still, if you have large insoles, you can trim to fit.

But remember, you can put it only if the boots have replaceable or removable insoles. You will remove the already fitted insoles and put in new ones.

What are better gel or memory foam insoles?

Both insoles are perfect in their own way as they deliver comfort, support, and stability. Get insoles are better at absorbing shocks and returning the energy to feet while keeping the feet stable and firm.

Memory foam insoles are perfect for providing comfort and supporting heels and lower legs. Choose the one you find suitable according to your condition and work environment.


When you buy boots for your work that does not provide enough comfort you wanted but is sturdy, you need a solution.

Most boots are equipped with replaceable insoles, and their insoles are not comfortable and need a replacement right after you bought them.

In such a case, buying a new pair of the insole is a perfect solution instead of changing or returning the boots. It does not cost much money but will provide all the required comfort and stability to the feet.